Welding PM


Welding Project Management is about delivering the finished industrial component within the six performance variables of project management i.e. Time, Cost, Scope, Risk, Quality and Benefits. This is achieved by ensuring that following seven principles are adhered to during the welding project life cycle irrespective of the size of the project:

1. Continued business justification for the client and ourselves. 2. Lessons from the past are applied to new projects. 3. There are defined roles and responsibilities. 4. The project is managed in at least two stages. 5. Tolerances are defined and issues escalated following an exception driven mechanism. 6. Focus is on developing and delivering the products of the project and not on activities. 7. Project management framework is tailored to suit the scale of the project.

At the Work Package Level where the actual welding takes place proper Welding Procedure Specifications are used and in-production quality assurance is performed to avoid quality defects. Automated welding systems are developed according to the size, shape, weight and specifications of the heavy mechanical parts in order to perform automatic surfacing in short span of time and without manual errors.

This approach results in following benefits for our clients:

1. No more surprises. The project cost includes the cost of the welding consumables and the automatic welding equipment. The client’s Business Case is justified in more than 95% of the projects. 2. No more costly mistakes. Lessons learned from previous projects help avoid risks and irrecoverable welding defects. 3. Reduced communications gaps and visibility of responsibilities. 4. In time delivery of hard-faced or welded components and distribution of Work Packages according to client shut-down schedules. 5. Very less or no micromanagement required by customers due to exception based reporting mechanism. 6. Products delivered according to customer’s quality expectations and product descriptions. 7. Project conducted according to the scale and priority desired by the client. Therefore correct priorities assigned and customer satisfaction guaranteed.

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