Standard range of products for cast iron welding

Weld Metal Analysis
Mechanical Properties
Ni (-)

AWS: E Ni – C I

DIN 8573: E Ni – BG 22

EN ISO 1070: E Ni

Current: = (-) / ~

For grey and malleable cast iron, also for joining between steel, copper and copper alloys, especially for maintenance and repair.

The electrode possesses excellent welding properties. The easily controllable flow permits spatter free welding with minimum amperage.

Workplaces get only small input of heat at low amperages.
Therefore, weld quenching in the transition zone is reduced. so that the workplaces are still well machinable.

Weld metal and transition zones are fiable. No undercut.

T: 240 – 290 N/mm²


H: 160 HB

FeNi 60 I

AWS: E Ni Fe – C I

DIN 8573:E Ni Fe – BG – 23

EN ISO 1070 E NiFe

Current: = (+) / ~

Coated special electrode for machinable cast iron welding as well as for joint and repair welds on grey and malleable cast iron, equally suitable for welding SG iron.

The electrode delivers excellent welding properties. The deposit is sound, free from porosity and undercut. Very little spatter and highly crack resistant. Good gap bridging.

The electrode has a non-conductive coating which is very useful in difficult welding position where coating contact is unavoidable.

T: 380 – 480 N/mm²


Approx: 200HB

NiFe 2

AWS: E Ni Fe – C I

DIN 8573:E Ni Fe – BG – 23

EN ISO 1070: E NiFe

Current: = (+) / ~

The electrode is used for joining and overlaying malleable (GG 10 – GG 40)and spherodial cast iron (GGG 40 – GGG 70) as well as joining these materials with steel. Because of the bimetal steel wire a high amperage adjustment and a high deposition rate is achieved.

The weld deposit is highly crack-resistant and easily machinable.

The electrode is mainly welded with DC (+) or with AC, a short arc is necessary. Available with conductive coating.

The weld deposit should be hammered.

 T: 480 – 570 N/mm²

E(1=5d): 15 – 20 %

H: 170 – 190HB

FeNi 55

AWS: E Ni Fe – C I

DIN 8573:E Ni Fe – BG – 23

EN ISO 1070: E NiFe

Recovery: 150%

Current: = (+) / ~

For all commercial grades of cast iron and joining cast iron to steel. The electrode is especially suited for welding spheroidal cast iron. Good weldability on oily cast iron.

The special coating of FeNi 55 ensures a steady arc and uniform droplet transfer. The surface of the weld deposit is smooth and crack resistant.

The melt-off energy is particularly low, because a bigger quantity of welding deposit can be melted off at lower amperage which leads to essential improvement of the structural constitution of the cast iron in the heat affected zone. Machining is unreservedly possible. Overheating of the core wire cannot occur.

T: 450 – 550 N/mm²

E(1=5d): 15 – 18 %


H: 180 – 200 HB

Metadur 10 Ni

Recovery: 120%

Current: = (-) / ~

 C: max.0,01

Cr: 2 – 3

Ni: 11 – 13

Specials: +

Rutile-basic coated stick electrode for overlays and repair of fault cast iron parts like GGG 20, GGG 40 – GGG70, GTS, GGL etc.

Hardness in the first layer: 150 – 200 HB
Hardness in the third and further layer: 320 – 380 HB

This high hardness makes the welding deposit very resistant to pressure, so that also pressure tools can be excellently repaired with this electrode. The welding deposit is machinable.

It is not necessary to preheat the base material.

T: 480 – 550 N/mm²

E(1=5d): 15 – 18 %