Special range of products for cast iron welding


Weld Metal Analysis
Mechanical Properties



DIN 8573: E Fe – S 1

Recovery: 120%

Current: = (+) / ~

Electrodes especially suited for welding on cast of difficult weldability, being overbaked or oily and on the weld deposit of the electrodes like FeNi 60, NiFe 2 and Ni(-) does not stick.

The welding deposit gets rusty. It is enameling and only machinable by means of grinding. Also suitable for resistant overlays on solid cast parts.

T: 340 390 N/mm²

E(1=5d): 30 %


H: 300 HB

GGG Current: = (+) Special electrodes without nickel. Well suited for cast iron welding. Colour and corrison resistance properties are the same as those of the cast alloy. Therefore, repair of blow holes and other damage cannot be seen afterwards.

T: 620 – 680 N/mm²


H: 190 – 220 HB

Meta cast 100

AWS: E Ni – C I

DIN 8573: E Ni – BG 22

EN ISO 1070: E Ni

Current: = (+) / ~

Ni: 99.9

For grey and melleable cast iron, also for joining between steel, copper and copper alloys, especially for maintenance and repair.

The electrode possesses excellent welding properties. The easily controlable flow permits spatter free welding with minimum amperage. Weld metal and transition zones are filable. No undercut.

T: 240 – 290 N/mm²


H: 150 -180 HB