Special electrodes for chamfering


Ausnut S

The electrode Ausnut S is thick coated and can be used on all steel grades with ferritic and austenitic structure as well as cast iron and all non ferrous metals. When grooving, it is advisable to put the work piece in the direction of working so that the molten material can run off better. The electrode should be set to base material as horizontal as possible. The working speed is increased by slight pushing movements in the direction of working. Current: = (-) / ~

Ausnut G

Special electrode for chamfering of all metallic materials such as alloyed and unalloyed steels, cast iron, aluminium and copper alloys. By using a high amperage the electrode must be moved forward almost parallel to the work piece. Current: = (-) / ~


The electrode is suitable for cutting, chamfering and piercing all metals. Striking is easy. According to the current carrying capacity it is possible to get clean cuts even of thicker materials. The work piece has to be positioned so that the molten metal can run off easily. Current: = (-) / ~