Adherence to strict quality assurance practices within our organization ensures customer satisfaction. Raw materials for production of special stick welding electrodes are primarily sourced from per-screened European suppliers. On arrival the raw materials are subjected to stringent examinations before they are moved to storage. Climate is controlled in storage, production and packing facilities. Only the formulations acquired from Metallogen, Germany are used for welding electrodes production. New types of welding electrodes are extensively tested for chemical, mechanical and usability before these are commercialized.

Our welding electrodes production is ISO 9001:2008 certified. We keep ourselves up to date by reviewing latest innovations. Management best practices are applied rigorously but carefully. Recently we have started application of Lean principles to reduce “Mudda” (Japanese word for “waste”) both in our production and welding solutions. We aim to create “Value” for our customers by clearly mapping “Value Stream” followed by introduction of “Pull”, “Flow” and “Perfection”.