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We use cookies and similar technologies on our web sites to improve performance and make your experience better. Your use of our web sites indicates your consent to the cookies described in this policy. Please see HOW YOU CAN CONTROL COOKIES, below, for more information on how to withdraw your consent at any time.


A web cookie, a commonly used data collection technology, is simply a piece of text which can be placed on the browser of your personal computer or mobile device and subsequently read as you visit a web site. A cookie may be a session cookie, that is, a cookie that remains on your browser while you are logged on to a particular web site and then disappears when you close your browser, or it may be a persistent cookie, a cookie that remains on your browser over a period of time. Information from a cookie may be collected and used in aggregate form Or data may be collected into an individual profile or record. That individual record may either be unique but anonymous, or the profile can be linked with information that identifies you as an individual.

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We may use cookies for a number of purposes:

1. Essential cookies

We may use a limited number of cookies essential to particular services you have requested or for security purposes. We may use a cookie to authenticate the pc or mobile device that you are using.

2. Performance cookies

We allow third parties to set analytics, or performance, cookies to collect and report aggregate information. These cookies provide reporting to us on an aggregate basis and so, do not identify you at all. We use the aggregate reports to understand how our web sites are used and improve their usefulness to our audiences.

3. Functional cookies

A number of cookies also support how our web sites function, identifying your pc or end device on a unique but anonymous basis. These cookies may, for example, remember your language preferences or recognize an individual’s activity within a single session.

We may conduct analyses of user traffic to measure the use of our sites and to improve the content of our web sites and our services. These analyses will be performed through the use of IP addresses and cookies.

How can I disable cookies?

Most web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) are configured to automatically accept cookies. However, most web browsers allow some control of most cookies through the browser settings, including the disabling of cookies at any time. We wish to make you aware, however, that disabling technical/browsing cookies or functional cookies may prevent our website from functioning correctly and/or may not allow you to fully and effectively take advantage of the services we offer.

In order to disable analytical cookies and to opt out of being tracked by Google Analytics across all websites. You can download the Google Analytics Opt Out Browser Add-on: